About Us

Ionis Technologies has been providing information systems consulting and technical support for over 20 years. With a strong technical and engineering background, we’ve built entire corporate IT systems with the highest levels of reliability, security, and function. From data centre architecture and network design to business applications and all aspects of infrastructure management, we can help create and manage the finest systems by applying a diverse range of network operations experience and engineering skills.

• Over twenty years extensive experience in Microsoft, Unix, Linux and Network administration and IT management.
• Build and maintain several multi-million dollar highly redundant data centers from scratch.
• In-depth understanding of all internet related systems, networking, and security.
• Excellent planning and organizational skills in network operations.
• Extensive understanding of e-business, application service, wireless, and telecommunications.
• Experience in financial industry and working with government agencies
• Experience with SOX compliance, cross-border privacy and other regulatory policies
• Management of entire corporate information systems.
• Vast experience and skill base attained as IT consultant with several Internet startups in the U.S and Canada.
• United States work authorization via Trade-Nafta Visa.